How to become a Charted Engineer?

Very simple, firstly enroll yourself as a member in India Institute Of Engineers in your college days itself (IEI). A B.E/B.Tech or AMIE degree holder with minimum working experience of 5+ years can apply for a Charted Engineer.

Please visit Indian Institute Of Engineers.

Go to

or > Membership > Downloads

Fill up the form for Associate Member, Member or Fellow based on your case. Additionally, fill up the chartered engineer form.

What are the advantages to become a charted engineer?

After obtaining Chartered Engineer Certificate from IEI, one can have the privilege to sign and audit works related to their specified branch of engineering.

Also they would be empaneled as Approved Valuer, Surveyor, Loss Assessor etc. by certain government bodies. If they are fit for service after satisfying certain prescribed criteria.

Valuation of Plant & Machinery as at Balance Sheet Date. (As discussed above)

To asses the estimated cost of acquisition of Plant and Machinery whose actual invoices are not available.

To asses the Fair Market Value as on the current date for the purpose of computing Capital Gains Tax under the provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961.

To asses the Fair Market Value of the asset as on the acquisition date, for the purpose of knowing whether the cost incurred was > or < FMV as on that date.

To asses the FMV value of Plant and Machinery for the purpose of Mergers and Acquisition.

There services are also required during the course of auction of an asset by Bank/Government Authority.

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