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In my last post with respect to income, I have suggested few standard engineering courses to choose.

This post is all about the courses which we would have heard in master’s degree and a good news is that now it’s available in UG degree itself!

Here are those few unique engineering courses in UG with a good pay!

Aerospace Engineering – Suitable for the one who loves to fly high!

An Aerospace Engineering involves the study of air and space travel. This might include military aircraft design and development, along with commercial airline design and satellite technology. The terms Aerospace and Aeronautical are both often used interchangeably, yet there are key differences between the two.

Aeronautical Engineering relates to craft that remain in our atmosphere, while Aerospace Engineering refers to aircraft that venture outside our atmosphere. Most programs in the United States have changed their names from Aeronautical to Aerospace over the past couple decades, but there are still some programs that go by the historical name.

Agricultural engineering – For the one who targets government jobs!

An Agricultural engineering degree involves learning how to apply engineering to the agricultural industry to assist with area of farming including: soil conservation and salinity, ground preparation, irrigation, farm machinery design and production and helping develop more effective harvest techniques.

Employment generally involves working in a consulting capacity or employed in a related industry such as machinery design and production.

Biomedical Engineering – Suitable for bookworms!

Biomedical engineering combines the study of medicine and biology. Biomedical Engineers apply their design skills to biological and medical sciences. They do this to assist in advancements in healthcare treatment technology. They develop and maintain diagnostic devices. Devices that include EEGs, MRIs, and other imaging machines. Physicians use these machines to diagnosis their patients’ medical problems.

This is a fast moving industry and while challenging can be a rewarding career path to take. A simple UG degree will not workout. To flourish in this course, you must have to do Masters and Doctorate (PHD). The research scholars in US earns more than an engineer who works in US. So it highly recommended those who have a lot of patience to study!

Marine Engineering – For the one who dreams in Navy uniform and a highly paid job!

A Marine engineer applies knowledge to the development of ocean technologies. Technologies include fixed and floating structures, such as pontoons and jetties, propulsion and power generation for boats, ships and other marine transportation, and developing new forms of energy that are reliant on our oceans including wind farms.

For the one who wants to explore the world can take this course. It’s a highly paid job. Mostly it will be off shore job with 6 months in water and 6 months in land or vacation.

Mechatronics Engineering- Most wanted by IT companies!

A blend of mechanical engineering and electronics engineering, Mechatronics, or Mechatronics Engineering, is an emerging area for hybrid engineers. Nearly all mechanical equipment in this day and age is operated with a mix of electronics and software, all based on computers and technology.

Mechatronics engineers help bridge that gap, and have intrinsic knowledge of electrical, electronics, and mechanical engineering. Some more experienced Mechatronics Engineers also have computer, hardware, and software engineering experience as well.

Industrial engineering – Emerging branch in UG degree!

Industrial engineers work for manufacturing companies, or as consultants to the manufacturing industry. The role of an Industrial engineer is to increase productivity and reduce waste and spending. Many new start-ups will hire an Industrial engineer to help make their business more efficient.

Industrial engineers are also hired to test employee productivity and in house processes. Which will improve the efficiency of the company. Earlier it was in master’s and now many abroad universities have introduced it in UG degree.

Petroleum Engineering – Selling like hot cakes in UG degree!

A petroleum engineer handles the extraction of oil and gas from beneath the earth. They are also involved in developing new extraction methods and technologies including new methods that are more efficient and less damaging to the environment. Petroleum Engineering is one of the highest paid engineering positions available.

Petroleum engineers play a significant role in locating reservoirs beneath the earth’s surface for gas and oil companies. Oil and gas industry is always a highest paid industry for an engineer’s but it’s also dangerous when it comes to recession.

Would recommend in masters after UG in mechanical or chemical engineering which has broader scope for jobs in EPC!

Solar and alternative energy Engineering – For those who loves experiments and a decent paid job!

This is a relatively new course designed to lay emphasis on renewable energy production. Employment opportunities for graduated students are available in renewable energy production plants or solar companies.

Systems engineering – Will not be recommended for UG degree though it is available!

Systems engineering is a multi-disciplined engineering degree. While it has evolved over time as systems have evolved with technology and greater efficiency it’s primary focus is on developing and improving upon existing systems. Systems engineers develop systems for workplace efficiency, risk management, measuring and refinement.

In my next post, I will try to give more information about the functioning of companies/industries, so that you can choose your hassle free career wisely!

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